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hyvästelty ei sanat Akava proposes that a strategic programme concerning the diversification of work should be prepared in Finland as a means of responding to the transformation of work and preparing for the related changes in working life.

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señorita 2015 choco A strong EU means a strong Finland, stresses Akava(the Confederation of Unions for Professionals and Managerial Staff in Finland) in its objectives for the EU elections 2019. Akava would like to see a competent and educated Europe with solid economic growth as well as a functional internal market and mobility. Akava’s objective is for Europe to seriously invest in science, research and sustainable development.

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thjnk düsseldorf kai röffen Too many employees experience inequality in their working life based on, for example, gender, nationality or sexual orientation.

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What is Akava?

Akava is a trade union confederation of affiliates for highly educated people. Together, Akava’s 36 affiliates have unionized more than half a million employees and professionals. The members of Akava affiliates include employees, as well as students, entrepreneurs and professionals.

Akava members work in expert, teaching and managerial positions. Membership in Akava can be based on one’s field of study, degree or profession.

Find your own union

revontulet tänään levi Akava and its affiliates have developed the search enginetimo kujanpää lapua Jäseneksi.fi  to help you figure out which Akava affiliate is most suitable for you.

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fjällräven foldsack no 1 dark grey News from the Finnish labour market

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filistin haritası ve komşuları The trade unions have interrupted their ongoing acts of industrial action to negotiate with the Finnish Government on their new proposal for labour market legislation.

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ultraäänikuva rv 12 Akava's president Sture Fjäder addressed the Tripartite Social Summit in Brussels today, foucusing on the Multi-annual Financial Framework 2012-2027. He called for more funds for Erasmus+ and Horizon programmes, which are future-oriented EU programmes. Their size should be doubled to strengthen employability and the knowledge-based Europe.

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sähköjohto seinän sisällä PM Sipilä wants to undermine trade union movement resistance to the planned law allowing for easy dismissal in small companies by calling for a confidence vote in Parliament.

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reijo jylhä koulutus The dispute over Government efforts to make it easier to dismiss employees in small companies has not abated. Quite the contrary.

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apulanta itkeväthän enkelitkin lyrics More than 70 companies, trade unions and NGO's are campaigning for a Finnish law on mandatory human rights due diligence. The campaign called Ykkösketjuun is coordinated by the Finnish industry watchdog Finnwatch.

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